Part II: Photos taken on the beach at Morro Bay by Mike Baird after 12-22-2000

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12-25-00   Lost doggie "Lucky"... we found his home
12-25-00-Lost-Dog-profile.jpg (87065 bytes)

12-26-00 Elephant Seals at Piedras Blancas 30 miles N. of Morro Bay, CA
alpha-male-elephant-seal-piedras-blancas.jpg (122958 bytes)
female-elephant-seal-piedras-blancas.jpg (129738 bytes)

12-30-00 Sunset behind Morro Rock, Morro Bay, CA
stunning-sunset-aside-morro-rock.jpg (93472 bytes)

1-4-2001 at Montaña de Oro State Park
collage-4-mom.jpg (97615 bytes) heidi-at-montana-de-or-cliffs.jpg (122676 bytes) montana-de-oro-cliffs2.jpg (146997 bytes) montana-de-oro-state-park4.jpg (93166 bytes) montana-de-oro-state-park5.jpg (121499 bytes) 
montana-de-oro-tide-pool.jpg (196082 bytes) montana-de-oro-tide-pool3.jpg (151231 bytes) montana-de-oro-tide-pool4.jpg (201662 bytes) starfish.jpg (213414 bytes) montana-de-oro-cliffs.jpg (147832 bytes) 
montana-de-oro-state-park11.jpg (126015 bytes) montana-de-oro-state-park12.jpg (126669 bytes) montana-de-oro-tide-pool2.jpg (111923 bytes) 

1-15-2001 "Birding" with new Bausch & Lomb BL Elite PC 8x42 binoculars 


at Los Osos Oaks State Reserve ... Los Osos, CA, and
los-osos-oaks-park-sign.jpg (148027 bytes) los-osos-oaks1.jpg (224736 bytes) los-osos-oaks10.jpg (203121 bytes) los-osos-oaks2.jpg (208241 bytes) los-osos-oaks3.jpg (211884 bytes) los-osos-oaks4.jpg (227422 bytes) 
los-osos-oaks5.jpg (217279 bytes) los-osos-oaks7.jpg (185054 bytes) los-osos-oaks8.jpg (168558 bytes) los-osos-oaks9.jpg (219669 bytes) los-osos-oaks6.jpg (222853 bytes)
Los Osos Audubon Overlook at 3rd Street at Santa Lucia Avenue, Los Osos, CA ... and
sweet-water-reserve-3rd-street-los-osos.jpg (162909 bytes) mike-at-sweet-springs-binocs-on-strap.jpg (146579 bytes) mike-w-new-binocs-at-sweet-springs.jpg (128600 bytes) sweet-water-reserve.jpg (88101 bytes) sweet-water-reserve2-3rd-street-los-osos.jpg (169308 bytes) sweet-water-reserve3-3rd-street-los-osos.jpg (158157 bytes) 
Los Osos Sweet Springs Reserve, in Los Osos, CA, near Morro Bay, CA sweet-water-reserve4-3rd-street-los-osos.jpg (190511 bytes)  

2-18-2001 Hazard Canyon Reef, in Montaña de Oro State Park (CA), 
led by docents Patricia Riley and Robin Knapp, from "Adventures with Nature" San Luis Obispo Coast District State Parks Docents, supported by Central Coast Natural History Association (see calendar of events) (Morro Bay State Park Museum of Natural History)
bat-star-patiria-miniata-5inches.jpg (312145 bytes) crabs-in-tide-pool-ledge.jpg (270978 bytes) gum-boot-chiton-10inch-cryptochiton-stelleri.jpg (233144 bytes) owl-limpet-3inches-wide.jpg (358262 bytes)  
rock-formation.jpg (429769 bytes)  rock-formations-at-hazard-canyon-reef.jpg (401106 bytes) rock-formation-with-dinosaur-fossils.jpg (346530 bytes) 
rock-formations.jpg (344650 bytes) patricia-riley-left-and-robin-knapp-right-docents-at-hazard-reef-feb-18-2001.jpg (299811 bytes)

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